Global ACE Program School in Gurgaon

Apparao and Suzana, Home School Parents

Dear Parents,

Greetings in Jesus’ precious name!

We are thankful to God and CLC for giving us this privilege to share our testimony and pray that you may be blessed by it!

Hi, we are Apparao and Suzana from Andhra Pradesh. We are blessed with two children, Sammy and Hannah studying in the 4th and 3rd standard respectively. We as a family serve the Lord through UESI (Union of Evangelical Students of India), an organization that works among students.  We have served in Andhra Pradesh for seven years and according to God’s calling came to north India in 2017. We served in north India until May 2020 and then returned to serve in Andhra Pradesh.

We started home schooling our children through ACE in the academic year 2019-2020. As we were praying and seriously thinking about our children’s future, God amazingly introduced us to Uma Das at the church we used to attend.

Reasons for choosing home schooling:

We couldn’t afford to admit our kids to a Christian convent school due to the high fee structure, so we had to admit them in a local school for the 2018-19 academic year. In the local school, our kids lost a lot pertaining to their language, values, culture, personality, confidence, and knowledge due to the lack of quality education and individual attention. After the kids returned from school, we had to again make them understand all the concepts of all the subjects along with helping them with their homework which was time consuming and stressful for the children and us.

We had a strong, and deep desire to teach our kids God’s word and His ways for which there was hardly any time left in a day. With hectic homework, assignments and frequent tests, there was no time left for extra-curricular activities too.

Sammy is dark in complexion. He faced abuse from friends and teachers and this led him to depression. Though this wasn’t the foremost reason we chose home schooling, but I must admit that this factor played a key role.

As we minister to college students, our work starts mostly from the afternoon and lasts until late night sometimes. To be frank, it was tough for our children to cope with school timings.

 Blessings of home schooling with ACE:

  • We are satisfied that our kids are getting Biblical based education and are learning to see the world through God’s eyes.
  • They have improved beyond our expectation in communication, language, handwriting, reading, understanding concepts, setting goals, feeling responsible, self-study, learning new things on their own initiation, reasoning and in many other areas, all within a year.
  • We believe the ACE curriculum and mode of teaching is wisely and prayerfully set, interesting and captures the attention of a child.
  • It is value and character based education.
  • Children are able to memorise God’s word and recite what they have learned.
  • We, as parents, are able to access our children’s potential, pulse, pace, interests and streamline them in a qualitative and resourceful way.
  • Children also have time for extra-curricular activities – our children have started learning music, playing instruments, sports, craft, art etc.
  • It is very suitable and flexible for our way of working and ministry.
  • As parents, along with teaching, it is exciting that we, too, are learning a lot about which we haven’t read or learned during our own schooling days.

We are glad and confident that our children’s academic excellence and future is safe in the hands of God through ACE.

We are grateful to Uma Das for introducing ACE to us. Our prayers and best wishes to the CLC Gurgaon team, parents and children.

Praise and glory be to God who gives His best for His loved ones! (Jeremiah 29:11)