Global ACE Program School in Gurgaon

Uma Das, Home School Monitor, School of Tomorrow Asia

I thank God and am glad for the opportunity to share my experience with using the ACE curriculum for home schooling.  I am blessed with two daughters studying in Grade 7 and Grade 6. God has rescued my children from the endless, unproductive and stressful school atmosphere here in our country. Even though our country provides the best education, I see just gaining of head knowledge and no effort in development of character building of an individual, which is the heart of society’s development. I wanted to choose a curriculum which was based on my Christian faith and focus on building responsible and socially aware children rather than just getting a high score in academics. In the year 2017, I pulled my children out from a regular CBSE school and started home schooling them and I have continued to this day.

In the last three years (and counting!) of using this curriculum, it has developed my children to be more independent learners and thinkers, not just produce answers given by the teachers. They have more time to develop their sporting activities and creative skills. Typically, kids don’t want to do school work but after using ACE, even when they are bored, they just pick up their PACEs and enjoy their study. It is such a blessing to see them enjoy schooling, at their convenience.

Benefits that I see in the ACE curriculum/home schooling are:

  1. Concept learning is long-lasting.
  2. Schooling does not take up the whole day.
  3. Children have more opportunities to pursue sports and creative skills.
  4. Economical – I wanted a budget friendly schooling opportunity. In Gurgaon, regular schooling is very expensive.
  5. The curriculum builds character using Biblical values.
  6. I had a deep desire to teach my kids God’s Word – ACE helped achieve this.
  7. Children learn that it’s not just about getting high marks but valuing life and people around them.
  8. Individualized system of learning – ACE is not a one-size-fits-all kind of curriculum.
  9. Mastery based, so it meets the kids at their understanding level.

As a parent, I, too, am blessed by home schooling. The experience that I have gained in the past three years has helped me to train many other parents who are looking to home school. I now work with ACE. School of Tomorrow as a Home Schooling Monitor, which is a very fulfilling ministry.