Global ACE Program School in Gurgaon

Uma Das

Executive Director of Academic Affairs; Principal

Umashankari Das (we just call her Uma :)) is a Hospitality Management specialist with about eight years of experience in various industries such as hospitality, travel and outsourcing.  After having children of her own and home schooling them for three years, she trained herself to understand children better and also went ahead and finished her Diploma in Nursery Teachers’ Training (NTT). She has more than 10 years of experience in actively working with children.

Uma is a Certified ACE Supervisor and Administrator. Her passion is to help children use the ACE curriculum and see a generational change in the mind-set of society at large. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders!

A strong believer in Jesus Christ, she loves serving and teaching children the Bible in her local church. When she’s not working as a teacher her stress busters are baking and gardening.